Brazilian Butt Lift

What is Brazilian Butt Lift?

It is a procedure where fat is harvested and transferred from different parts of the body to the buttocks. It helps change a flat shaped buttock to a more rounded one, without the need for buttock implants or more invasive surgeries.

Are You A Candidate for A Brazilian Butt Lift?

During your visit with Dr. Tamim, he will evaluate you and come up with the right treatment plan that fits your needs. In general, an ideal candidate for a Brazilian butt lift is someone who has a flat buttock with little volume either genetically, through an injury, or after significant weight loss that is not responding to healthy life style and exercise. Or simply, if you are desiring more contoured buttocks. Patients with lighter body weight, limited amount of fat, excessive wrinkles, or saggy buttocks skin may not qualify for the procedure. You may qualify for butt implants instead.

Surgical Technique

Brazilian butt lift surgery is done under general anesthesia in one of our operating rooms. We first start by doing liposuction and harvesting fat from pre-determined areas such as stomach, back, flanks or thighs and then sterile centrifuge the aspirate and add some antibiotics to it.  A cannula is then used to inject the fat to the buttocks to achieve the desired fullness and give the buttock a more rounded look.

What to Expect

Most patients see the results after post-operative swelling subsides. And in general, recovery time is around 4-6 weeks. During that time, you will experience some swelling, soreness, and bruising. You will have to avoid strenuous activities for the first few weeks. And for the first 2 weeks, you will have avoid placing weight on the backside. You will be provided with detailed post-operative care instructions to insure proper healing. You are expected to see your optimal results in about 4-6 weeks following surgery.