Jawline Implants

What Are Jawline Implants?

Prominent jawline is a sign of beauty in most cultures. As we age, gain weight, or after injuries, we can lose this prominence. Jawline implants help fix that and depending on your cosmetic goal, jawline implants can give a more muscular or a more feminine look.

Are You a Candidate for Jawline Implants?

During your visit with Dr. Tamim, he will evaluate you and come up with the right treatment plan for you. Ideal candidates for jawline implants would be a person who lost the jawline prominence either genetically, due to aging, through an injury, or after significant weight loss or gain. Or simply someone who wants more prominence to their jawline.

Surgical Technique

Jawline implant surgery is done under IV sedation/general anesthesia in one of our operating rooms. It is generally done through a small incision inside the mouth, we then create a pocket above the Jaw bones and secure the implant with 1-2 titanium screws to ensure its stabilization. Closure is done with resorbable sutures. This technique leaves you with no facial scars.

What to Expect

Most patients see immediate results after Jawline implant placement. And in general, recovery time is around 1-2 weeks. During that time, you will experience some swelling, soreness, bruising, and skin tightness. You will have to avoid strenuous activities, sleep upright and be on soft diet while the incision is healing.  You are expected to see your optimal results in about one month following surgery.